Friday, March 4, 2011

Trumka's Tragic Travesty

Thug-in-Chief and Union Fat Cat Dick Trumka had the temerity to publish an op/ed piece in today's Wall Street Journal. In his ridiculous diatribe he clearly illustrates that he just doesn't get it. This of course explains why his puppet, president Obama, also appears obtuse and feckless. Trumka rants about corporate profits and the destruction of the middle class while completely ignoring the ire of the middle class tax payer and the Tea Party.

Scott Walker's False Choice
The business climate couldn't be stronger. Corporate profits reached an annualized level of $1.7 trillion in the third quarter of 2010, the highest figure since the government began keeping statistics 60 years ago.
Are you out of your mind? The business climate could not be stronger? That shows how much lunkhead Trumka knows about business. Just because profits were up does not mean that everything is hunky dory. In fact it suggests that big business is sitting on their cash because of uncertainty caused by the anti business administration, and Dick Trumka wants to shake that money from the corporate trees.

He goes on to rant that Republican Governors are:
demanding steep cuts in wages and pensions for public workers, they also want to take away workplace rights, so that workers can no longer bargain for better compensation and benefits.
Their claim is that public workers have become parasites, busting state budgets with bloated wages and benefits at a terrible cost to taxpayers.
Dead on Dick! We have the second highest corporate tax in the world and even record corporate profits could not fill the deficit void for every state save one. So clearly, yes, it is left to the middle class to be soaked by taxes to try and even get close to even, and we are taxed enough, and we have had it, and we want cuts, and the gold plated benefit packages, and the lifetime employment attitude of the public service sector is a good place to start. Why should we be taxed to death to create an upper middle class of government employees who live better of than we do and contribute less to society and the overall economy than we do?
So here's working America's message to governors like Scott Walker and New Jersey's Chris Christie: We believe in shared sacrifice. But we don't believe in your version of shared sacrifice, where the wealthy and Wall Street reap all the benefits of economic growth, and working people do all the sacrificing.
Again. Enough of the Wall Street bashing. What do you want? you already get 35% of their profits which were record high and we still can't afford the government we have? Exactly what is your solution, other than "don't take my gold go take some from someone else". We'll that someone else is us. The taxpayers you referenced earlier.
it's crucial that we sit down at the table together and find a way to grow without taking more away from the middle class
Exactly! Except sitting down at the table doesn't mean "what else can the tax payers give us". Start making some real suggestions and give the people a reason to come to the table. Otherwise, we have ideas of our own.

(h/t Jersey Nut)
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