Friday, January 8, 2010

The Best Last Hope

It's not getting a lot of national attention, but something big is brewing in Massachusetts. Next Week, the home state of the original Boston Tea Party is holding an election to replace the late Sen. Ted Kennedy. The race has boiled down to sitting State Attorney General Marth Coakly (D) vs Scott Brown (R).

Martha is not a stunning personality. She is well known as a die hard democratic bureaucrat. Because of the conventional wisdom in true blue Massachusetts, she has hardly run a campaign at all. Why bother? Except for the governorship, the democrat always wins in the Bay State. But like I said, something is brewing.

While Massachusetts is a hard core democratic state, there is unrest. While even at their angriest, the loyal democrats will rarely cross party lines (except for governor - they feel like they need someone they can spew hate at). But Scott Brown has done something brilliant. He has aligned himself with the states most famous democrat. John F Kennedy, brother of the Senator who held the seat he is running for.

You can see the ad here

What state run media is ignoring because they think it's a done deal could potentially be the biggest story of the year, and it's only January. Why is this such a big deal? Because if Scott Brown wins, the Democrats lose their super majority in the senate! If Scott Brown wins he could be the man who saves us all from Obamacare. If Scott Brown wins you will see a panic in Washington that will be breathtaking to behold.

Don't be surprised if Scott Brown wins, that the Obamacare reconciliation conference will immediately come to an end and the bill in what ever form it is in will go for a vote on the floor. It will be like an episode from "24". Will Scott Brown get to Washington before the vote? Can the Republicans use parliamentary maneuvers to put the vote off until he get's there? Will the democrats try and refuse to seat him?

This is big and it's not getting a lot of press!
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