Friday, January 15, 2010

Martha Antoinette: Let them Eat Cake

Martha Coakley is in big trouble in true blue Massachusettes (sic). Clearly I jumped the gun when I stated that this Senate race was not getting the media attention it deserved. It certainly is now

The Best Last Hope

As little as a week ago arrogant democratic talking heads were whistling past the graveyard, boasting that it might be close because of some discontent, but that no way, no how would a Republican win a Senate seat in Massachusetts. What a difference a week makes. Obama will be campaigning for Martha this weekend in Massachusetts, and given his track record I think the Scott Brown for Senate campaign are dancing in the streets. It is the anti-Obama agenda that has been the largest contributing factor in this perfect storm of political upset. Also, his record of sailing in to seal the deal is not impressive. It did not work in Copenhagen for the awarding of the Olympics. It did not work in New Jersey when he campaigned to save John Corzine's Governorship, and it did not help in Copenhagen during Global-Warming-Palooza. It didn't even work in Virginia when he stayed away and did not campaign for the democratic incumbent Governor.

Martha's campaign has been awful. She has actually done very little campaigning in the presumption that this was a done deal. Massachusetts has blindly, and overwhelmingly voted democrat forever. Why would that change?

And worst of all, her arrogance in the way she handles the reportes. During the last debate she proclaimed that there were 'no more terrorists' in Afghanistan. The next night, a reporter asked a follow up question and was dismissed with the reply.
I'm sorry does anyone else have a question?
I don't have to answer that! Let them eat cake! The reporter was then assaulted by one of her dinner guests.

In her negative campaign ads, she accuses Scott Brown of being associated with shadowy tea party organizations.  You know, those violent anti-tax protesting radical? Well, just like SEIU proved earlier the real violence always comes from the left. It's part of their birth right. Hit, and cry like a baby when you get hit back.

It is very fitting that once again "the shot heard around the world" will be heard in Massachusetts.
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