Saturday, January 30, 2010

Unscrupulous games in Massachusetts (and Washington)

People are beggining to scratch their heads in the Bay State. Why is it that Nikki Tsongas can be seated and voting 3 days after her election, but Scott Brown Cannot? Answer: Because Nikki is a Democrat and Scott is a Republican.

And "this ain't no party, this ain't no disco, this aint no fool'in around" either!

Remember that this week Senate was hoping to push through a party line vote on the budget deficit commission? Well, a pre-Brown party line vote anyways. The one that favors them of course.

And, don't forget the party line vote that raised the debt ceiling to $14.3 Trillion, so that the spending spree can continue while the Democrats fein concern over deficit spending. This would not have happened if Scott Brown was there.

And you can expect the shenanigans to continue. The Bay State's Secretary of State Bill Galvin is not above tampering with elections and playing politics. He has done it before. In fact he had to be Sued by the Federal Government twice for not following election laws.

Bill Galvin Suddenly Discovers The Value of Military Ballots

This guy will take as long as he can before certifying the election. He will willingly provide the cover necessary for the President and the Senate in not seating Senator elect Scott Brown. They will push through as much legislation as they can in the time it takes to force the will of the people on Bill Galvin. After all, what happens to him if he does not follow the law? Do you thin the State's Attorney General Martha Coakley will prosecute? Martha lost the election to Scott Brown and is not widely known for defending the general public. She only works for special interest groups. And so what? Sue him? The wheels of justice cane be very slow.

Remember how Massachusetts changed the law once again right after Ted Kennedy died? It was so important for the "Voters" to be represented. Well, you knew that was a bunch of crap and these games just prove it. The Senate should stop voting until Scott Brown is seated.

Welcome to the age of Tyranny. Sit up and observe!
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