Monday, January 4, 2010

Kiss My Hamass Part VI

Here we go.

Iran Plans Large-Scale War Games

You can translate this development as a major statement. The Mullah's know that Obama and his followers don't have the stomach to do anything military. This saber rattling  is a dare, a challenge. They have no intention on letting up their full court press to become a nuclear power. They must have found out about Obama's plan to guard us with hope, unity, and the values that bind us.

 Obama has screwed up this diplomatic mission so badly that we have perhaps entered into a no win situation. Iran would love nothing better than to provoke military strikes. It would help them sure up their very serious domestic unrest. So what's a guy who wants to talk with his enemies to do? Especially when they don't talk. Especially when they mock you and dictate terms and rattle their swords knowing that you will do nothing.

Once again, it's the President's move in this political chess game. The President is running low on pawns and I am predicting he is about to castle.

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