Thursday, April 7, 2011

Government Shutdown - Thank Nancy Pelosi

Shutdown shmutdown. Who cares!

This Obama drama is brought to you by ex-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA). And it really is just drama. Basically the democrats are engineering what they perceive to be a win/win proposition if the Republicans refuse to fund all of their drunken sailor spending. Win #1; A government shutdown really will equate to a paid vacation for the public unions, just as it did in 1995. Yes, that's right, we shut down the government in 1995 and everybody still got paid. WINNING! Win #2: With the help of the mainstream media the evil Republicans will get all of the blame for the government being shutdown. WINNING!

Let's remember that this fiscal year started last October. Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic controlled 111th congress never even considered funding the federal government in 2011. In the real world budgets are planned for and approved before the fiscal year begins. But no, They concentrated on spending. Huge spending with things like Obamacare, without worrying about how to fund it or even just keeping the government running. And then, in the second week of January 2011 they handed over this big stink bomb to John Boehner and the Republicans of the 112th congress.

How beautiful is that! It's like some sexist 1950's sitcom. Nancy Pelosi gets to play the part of the stay at home wife who takes the credit card and runs up a huge bill, and John Boehner gets to play the part of the hardworking husband who gets to come home from work and open the envelope and read the bill. "We cant afford this!" screams John. To which Nancy quips "That's not my problem" as she turns and shakes her hips as she walks away.

And now the drama we are witnessing is like the scene when the repo man comes to the house to collect things, and the wife (Nancy) is chasing him around a clinging to the things she could not afford, still not understanding why her things are being stripped away.

Obama Meeting Fails to End Stalemate Over Federal Budget
“It would be inexcusable, given the relatively narrow differences, when it comes to numbers, between the two parties that we cant get this done,” Mr. Obama said.
Really? What is irresponsible Mr. President is that you, and Ms Pelosi, and Harry Reid have done nothing to rectify the solvency of this nation. You want it all paid for and you'll need to raise the debt ceiling to do it. Standby for more Obama drama when that fight comes to the floor.

Mr. Reid accused Republicans of seeking a “shortcut around doing our jobs” by proposing another one-week, stop-gap funding measure to keep the government operating.
Well, a shortcut to doing your job is a lot better than just flat out not doing your job Harry! Why weren't you and Nancy doing your job before last October when it was supposed to be done! How dare you! Really!

All of this brings the "Yes we can" slogan to a new level. Thanks to Obama and Madison Ave in the upside down world we now live in 'No' equals bad, and 'Yes' equals good.

Boehner: "We can't afford all of this"
Obama: "Yes we can!"
Boehner: "No, really! We can't"
Obama: "Yes we can!"
Boehner: "But we would have to raise the debt ceiling and borrow even more money from the Chinese."
Obama: "Yes we can!"
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