Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Rhode Island Tea Party Hosts Tax Day Protest

April 15th 2011. It was a fine afternoon and many fine patriots turned out to express love for their country and their contempt for the Government that is hell bent on spending it's way to prosperity, and increasing taxes on it's citizens to fund it.

You'll see in the video some Anti-Tea Party "infiltrators" walking around holding up their protest signs, with messages made to mock the the "Taxed Enough Already" platform held by the Tea Party. BAsically their message was an aloof "duh, we need taxes for all the stuff goverment pays for, so like, just shut up and pay them"

The pseudo intellectual, earthy crunchy student from Brown University carried signs with slogans that read:


"I want crumbling roadways"

"Healthcare is only for the rich"

"I want to close all the libraries"

The "we are as smart as Obama" Ivy League youngsters did not do well when confronted to explain what their signs meant. You can see the "Astroturf" kid get confronted in the video, and over hear the "I want crumbling roadways gal" get heckled.

When "I want to close all the libraries" gal was confronted by the fact that the library system in America was invented by none other than Ben Franklin before there was an American government, and a hundred years before there was an income tax she seemed stunned. After all, these Tea Party people aren't supposed to know any history. When confronted with the logic that we didn't need taxes for libraries before, why do we need higher taxes now to keep them open, she just held her sign up in front of her face, turned around and walked the other way.


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