Monday, April 25, 2011

Kiss My Hamas: Part X

While there is zero national interest for the United States to be bombing Libya, we are there, and we are actively participating in the bombing of targets of opportunity.

Now in Syria the Military has turned on it's protestors in much the same way that Qaddafi did.

Seeing regime change in Syria is in the national interest of the United States.

Syria is the lynch pin to the Iran, Hamas, & Hezbollah triad. Through Syria, Iran is able to supply Hezbollah and Hamas with weapons with which they can perform acts of terror and acts of war on Israel. President Obama has an opportunity to influence a significant shift of power among Mideast blocs to be further in the pro-west camps.

Will he do so? Doubtful.

Either by massive miscalculation, stupidity, naivete, wishful thinking, or just plain dumb luck President Obama has made the wrong move in every critical turn with his dealings in the Mideast.

  1. First the president was unable to convince Iran to stop it's nuclear ambitions with his unicorns and fuzzy bunny era of detente.
  2. Then the president ignored the Green Revolution. When the population of Iran came out to protest the corrupt election, and protest their oppressive government much like they did in Libya, Egypt and Tunisia, the president showed no support and let the movement be brutally put down by their government, much like Libya and Syria are trying to do.
  3. The president publicly cooled relations with America's staunchest Mideast ally Israel.
  4. Despite remaining quiet and inactive when our enemies in Iran were threatened with public uprising, President Obama publicly comes out and calls for regime change in Egypt (which he never did for Iran). Mubarak wasn't a nice guy, but he was in the pro-Western bloc, and faster than you can say Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Obama through Mubarak under the bus.
  5. Having witnessed the United States throwing Mubarek under the bus, Col. Qaddafi a recently reformed western antagonist determines he must take take matters into his own hands, and uses military force to quell the uprising. Just like they did in Iran when the west did nothing. President Obama sends the military into Libya on humanitarian grounds.
Now what? Just like Libya, the Syrian government is using it's military to quell the public uprising. Will Syria get the Libya treatment or the Iranian treatment?

If they are not treated the same way Libya has been handled, then what does that say? Does it mean that if you are friendly towards the United States or at least not an antagonist you can be sure that America will stab you in the back? But if you are an open aggressor of the great Satan you can rest assured that your enemy is too timid to dare and reproach you (at least with anything more than words).

Or worse, does it merely mean that the Obama doctrine is that we only fight wars for oil.

Most of Obama's Mideast blunders are documented on this blog.
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