Sunday, March 21, 2010

Another Brick in the Wall

At 4:23pm Saturday March 20th the president was still taking his victory lap. Even though the vote has not been taken, apparently some of the hostages being held in secret have given their pledge. The health care bill is a done deal. And 'No Drama Obama' is laying it on thick.

He actually called it a middle of the road bill? Mainly because it's not a single payer solution. I'm sure the insurance companies are thankful for not having the knife poked directly into their hearts. But it will be a slow agonizing death that is in store for them.

He went to also state that Republican ideas had been rejected by economists. Really? No. Not really. Another lie. Milton Friedman warned us about the dangers of soviet style medicine.
A Way Out of Soviet-Style Health Care
In this last ditch play he stated "Good policy is good politics". And then, only a few breaths and a few paragraphs later he told the crowd of gathered faithful that he knew this was a 'tough vote' and went on to say "I can't guarantee this good politics" to vote for this bill. Really? Then ipso fact this is bad policy? isn't it?

It was like watching a murderer whispering sweet nothings into the victim he is strangling.
Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more;
go gentle into that good night,
As I write this Nancy Pelosi is walking a precession into the capitol building holding that big ass gavel.

The end is near.
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