Monday, March 29, 2010

.....But Those Tea Party people are Coo-koo Coo-koo.

It's so funny to sit back and watch the full court press attempt to smear the tea party movement as a wholesale subsidiary of the Timothy McVeigh right wing equivalent to the weather underground.

And as I mentioned in previous posts, the left is desperate to shut the Tea Party up. That 'hate Bush' stuff was way too effective so letting the Tea Party alter the thinking of American independents is not an option.

I had an interseting discourse with a lefty liberal on a blog I recently visited for the first time.

It is mind boggling how revisionist history these people can be!

“the left doesn’t just try to drown out with noisemakers,” Wrong! Think of the code pink Bush days. Standing up and shouting down senate hearings. Nice try. I’m sure you took delight at their efforts while hypocritically decrying the same tactics used by the other side.
And where are those wrinkly code pink hags today? I mean here we are with a president who got elected on a promise to withdraw troops immediately, the very issue that doomed Hillary, here we are with record casualties in Afghanistan, and yet there are really no Code Pink protests anymore? What happened to the anti-war movement? Hell, just yesterday Obama snuck into Afghanistan and gave a speech that would have made Patton pee his pants. The Commander in Chief is full on warrior now. Surges rock!

It is extremely telling how Code Pink protesters could be dragged out of Senate hearings and some how no one thought that it was a threatening, terroristic, or a shout down disruptive event. Not in a negative sentiment anyways. But, when average Americans show up to yell about their displeasure in a public park, it's a scary omen.

No one with any brain is buying this. And that is why it has been so easy for the left to adopt.
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