Friday, March 26, 2010

Manufactured Violence

The administration has given the order to crush the Tea Party. Shut them up so we can have a chance to make Americans forget about the health care betrayal before November. They know that this kind of grass roots effort can be very effective. They know how valuable the 'hate Bush' fervor was for them. Remember back then? You could not turn a corner without running into some red faced, bush effigy carrying, Haliburton stammering lunatic. It was effective because even if you did not hate Bush, it made it hard to forget some of the really stupid things he did. Well, the Obots cannot let that happen, so they are demonizing the Tea Party by trying to associate them in their entirety with a few crazy people.

I hope they catch the people who made threats. I am betting there is a good chance that they are democrats. Democrat on democrat violence in order to frame the Tea Party. What? Conspiracy theory you say? Sorry, we've seen this movie before.

Remember the militant gay democratic party volunteer? The one that used a hammer to break the windows of the Democratic party headquarters in Colorado?

When the left commits violence its a lone wolf loon who is to blame. If a lone wolf loon on the other side does wrong, well then the entire opposition is violent and they should shut up and stop opposing socialism. There is nothing, no dirty trick, no ethical boundary, and no violent act that would stop Obama supporters from trying to shut down and marginalize the Tea Party.

They just want them to shut up!
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