Monday, March 22, 2010

A Lost Battle but not a Lost War

It ain't over until the fat lady sings.

Don't despair you tea party yankee doodles! On August 27, 1776 the first battle after the Declaration of Independence the first official battle of the revolution was fought. Gen. George Washington was trying to defend New York City. Out numbered 2 to 1 and strategically out flanked Gen. Washington ultimately had to cede New York City to the British. It could have been worse.
On August 22, the British landed on Long Island, across the The Narrows from Staten Island, and across the East River from Manhattan. After five days of waiting, the British attacked American defenses on the Guana (Gowanus) Heights. Unknown to the Americans, however, Howe had brought his main army around their rear and attacked their flank soon after. The Americans panicked, although a stand by 250 Maryland troops prevented most of the army from being captured. The remainder of the army fled to the main defenses on Brooklyn Heights. The British dug in for a siege but, on the night of August 29–30, Washington evacuated the entire army to Manhattan without the loss of materiel or a single life. Washington and the Continental Army were driven out of New York entirely after several more defeats and forced to retreat through New Jersey and into Pennsylvania.
Thanks to the 'Marbleheaders' the continental army lived to fight another day, and ultimately be victorious in what appeared to be an impossible struggle. The book '1776' by David McCullough provides the best depiction of this battle that I have ever read. I recommend the book highly. But I digress.

Do not let your hearts be troubled. There are more skirmishes to be had. And even if they pass their cherished bill, there is still time and opportunity to change the tide of war. In order to cast the illusion of deficit neutrality they had to put off some of the benefits until after this presidents first term. This November could be the equivalent of the 'Crossing of the Delaware' and the election of 2012 will hopfully be Yorktown

"We have not yet begun to fight!"
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