Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Legislation or Prestidigitation?

Using reconciliation to pass a bill that will affect 20% of the economy is an obscene and gross miss use of what reconciliation was designed to do. Reconciliation has never been used on such large expenditure. Reconciliation has never passed a bill on a pure partisan vote. It was meant for budgetary deficit reducing efforts. Not social programs and entitlements. Reconciliation in the case of Obamacare is a perversion of the legislative process. But hey? If they can pass the Senate bill as is, then it is a tool that is available. Instead of bending the spending curve, they are bending the rules.

But wait! They can't pass the Senate bill as is, and therefore reconciliation is not a tool available to them!

But the show must go on, and Ms. Pelosi is determined to pull this rabbit out of her ass.

Republicans Battle Pelosi Over Plan to Pass Health Bill Without Traditional Vote

Problem is, the House must pass the Senate bill in order to move on to the package of changes intended to correct all the things about the Senate bill that House members don't like. 
Enter the Pelosi tactic, known as a "self-executing rule." 
Under this tactic, the House could simultaneously approve the Senate version of the bill while voting on the package of changes. This would "deem" the Senate bill passed, though not directly show members voting in favor of passage. 

While rare, deeming a bill passed is not a new invention, but like reconciliation it has never been used on such a Mammoth, historic, and widely hated piece of legislation.

Both processes taken alone can be viewed as parliamentarian trickery. But together? Well, it's never been done, and it is an anti-democratic power grab. Heck! It's like a Bolshevik plot!

Nancy Pelosi is telling cameras that this process has been used 'hundreds of times'. This is not true for either mechanism and it's certainly not true in the case of a deemed bill then going through the reconciliation process. In fact, as stated previously, it's never been done!

This isn't just about health care anymore, this about preserving Madison's checks and balances and preserving the democratic process as defined by the constitution. Bolshevism used the democratic process to destroy the democratic process, and that is exactly what is happening here!

From Dictionary.com


  [pres-ti-dij-i-tey-shuhn]  Show IPA
sleight of hand; legerdemain.

1855–60; < F: lit., ready-fingeredness, coinage perh. based onprestigiateur juggler, conjurer, deriv. of L praestÄ«giae juggler's tricks (see prestige). See prest1digit-ation


  [lej-is-ley-shuhn]  Show IPA
the act of making or enacting laws.
a law or a body of laws enacted.
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