Monday, May 11, 2009

Mediocrity Trumps Winning

Yet another sign of the times. Even Donald Trump has cashed in his capitalist principles, and thrown his empire on the mercy of the ideology of the new regime. said another way, "you don't have to win to win"

This seasons Celebrity Apprentice was like a microcosm for what is going on in America. Just like the last election where the cult of personality won out over practicality, where Barry Obama's greatest accomplishment was either voting 100% party line or voting present on any given issue, he was elected president because "well? we like him".

In last nights Celebrity Apprentice we saw the cult of personality win out over results and performance. Even though Anne Duke won more board rooms than Joan Rivers, and even though she raised more money for charity (by more than double) on the final challenge, the winner was............Joan Rivers. Why? Because we like her.

The other lesson we can take away from the election and this seasons Celebrity Apprentice is that the way to winning is demonizing your opponent. To paraphrase Gordon Gekko "Hate is good". The politics of personal destruction is the way to win. Calling John McCain "George Bush" (even though he is not. Actually or ideologically) and you can be swept into power, even though you have no accomplishments of note. Demonize your opponent, spew venom and hatred in an emotional meltdown, call them a capitalist, and despite clearly losing by all other counts of scoring, you can win. Yes you can.

Emotion Trumps reality.

Another take away from our analysis of this microcosm is what we learn by observing Dennis Rodman's role in this Season's Celebrity Apprentice. You need not worry about your bad behavior. You might even say, bad behavior is rewarded. Why? We like Dennis, we feel bad for him. Don't worry if you took out a mortgage you clearly cannot afford. Personal responsibilty is over-rated.

Celebrity Apprentice is called a reality show. Lo and behold I believe that the changes we saw in what you need to do to win, are in fact changes that we are seeing in our society. Now that's reality!

Is this the change you hoped for?

When Joan and Obama come and ask you "how'd you get so rich?", tell them you have been Trumped. Tell them you too are throwing in the towel.


  1. Annie should have won hands down!

  2. Trump favored Joan and Joan in the big city!!! That's how it works......sad but true!!!