Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Time to "talk with our enemies", eh Barry?

Opps they did it again. Did anyone really think they would not? North Korea performed an underground test of one of their nuclear bombs, and then tested 3, what they hope to someday become, Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles (ICBM's).

This is the kind of sign language that if you suddenly became deaf you would still understand clearly what was being communicated to you. But just in case, I will translate it here for the Commander of Hope, and his Secretary of Change. "We (North Korea) have bombs like this, and we have missiles like this. We will put these bombs on these missiles, and we will aim them at somebodies head, like Japan, until you give us whatever we ask for. Forever!"

Well, it's a good thing our President has that secret weapon, that no one else ever thought of, and was one of the distinguishing characteristics that got him elected as President and leader of the free world. Talking to our enemies with no preconditions!

It's time for the president to put the 'talk to our enemies' plank of the hope an change platform, into action.

Somewhere John Bolton is banging his head against a wall.

Oh yeah, and Allison Kilkenny is a retard! Check out the date of her post. Too funny!

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