Tuesday, May 12, 2009

OBAMANAMICS 102: Healthcare shell games

The Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius was on the Fox News Network this morning. She was beating her chest for Obama, talking up the breakthrough meeting he had yesterday with health care 'kingpins'.

When asked how the meeting was going to magically make health care costs grow by 5% rather than 7%, she essentially said "by implementing the President's plan to bring all the other Americans who do not currently have coverage into the system". When pressed with questions from the curvy couch about how this would decrease the rate of rising costs she explained "Well, all of us who already have insurance coverage, we pay more to cover the costs of those who do not have health care by paying more for our prescriptions, more for our doctor visits, and more for our hospital procedures. By bringing others into the system, we will reduce costs for you and me". Steve Doocy nodded in understanding.

Are you bleep'n kidding me! Who pays the bill for the free coverage of the people being 'brought into the system'? So I am going to pay2% less than I might have had to pay at the doctors office and the drug store? And I am going to have to pay how much more in taxes?

Don't believe it ladies and gentlemen. This is going to cost a lot of money, and in the end the quality of care for those who can afford it will be significantly decreased. You can take solace with the warm and fuzzy feeling that young immigrant are being covered for the sniffles, and getting their measle shots, but your family will be exposed to significantly greater risk should anything serious happen to them.

WSJ: How ObamaCare Will Affect Your Doctor
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