Thursday, May 14, 2009

She's at it again!

This loony bitch get's on TV and spews vile epitaphs, invents a stereo-type, and classifies everyone who disagrees with the administration as racists because she saw a sign (one! one sign!) that read 'what's up Willis'. Then she wonders "why are you asking me? What is your problem with me?".

And sorry, the "if you were so concerned about fiscal imprudence then where were you for the last 8 years" is the most absurd, casuistic, cockeyed*, fallacious, false, fatuous, faulty, groundless, hollow, implausible, inconclusive, incongruous, inconsequential, inconsistent, incorrect, invalid, irrational, irrelevant, mad, meaningless, argument I have ever heard.

I do not understand the argument that 'when I took $20 from you, you didn't complain, so why are you so pissed now that I am taking $60?". It does not make any sense.

In fact the inverse argument is the only logical one. "If you were so pissed off about how much money Bush spent, then why are you not freaking the bleep out right now!". I sure am!

She misses the point entirely. The reason the protesters are saying it's not a Republican or Democratic movement is because both parties have proven to everybody that they are willing to spend money without any regard whatsoever, and we "are mad as hell and we are not going to take it any more".

Her MSNBC rant was one of the reason I started this blog. It was my second post.

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