Thursday, May 14, 2009

"Politics are more important than National Security"

With a deer in the headlights kind of look, Nancy Pelosi confessed that for her "Politics are more important than National Security". That for me, was more surprising than anything else that came to light, or caused more questions about who knew what, and when did they know it.

"Politics are more important than National Security". That pretty much sums it up. That is the difference between the left and the right, and the surreal way in which it it was blurted out was reminiscent of that scene in the movie a few good men. The scene where Col. Jessup under cross examination is pressured by the line of questioning and then snaps with the truth.
" *You’re Goddamned right I did!*"
Drama aside, the stark realization that there really are a large number of people in this country that really do believe that it's more important to win a "Liar, Liar, pants are on fire" argument than it is to keep the country safe is staggering. There is no way I believe that everyone who voted for Obama believes that. Obama won because of a protest vote that arose from the deep disappointment of an administration that had too many failures and too many flaws. Just because those people voted for Obama does not mean they signed up for this type of idealogy.

Unlike other eras where the the citizen with 'voter's remorse' could just hold their nose and wait for four years, we may have come to the end of the line. The republic may be no more. Even if all the swing voters and few extras come over the next time around, it may not be enough.

More on that to come.........
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