Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Angry Olbermann - Keeping it Accusatorial

Angry people screaming angrily about the Tea Party's anger is where we now reside. And, there is nothing like spreading misconception and distortions to achieve a more civil tone in political discourse. The preplanned storyline and tactic for blaming the Tea Party for what ever the next national disaster was going to be went awry.  Several sources have already suggested that this story was written in advance a la JournoList, and like a prepared obituary for a famous person was ready to go and be launched at the necessary moment. The accusations and the unanimous chorus from state-run-media after the tragedy in Tuscon was so fast that one has to at least consider the plausibility of such a conspiracy.

But alas, it did not turn into the home run they were hoping for. The perpetrator was not the veteran from Afghanistan who was a Tea Party supporter, as was reported while victims were still being transported to the hospital (even on Fox News).  It was a Marxist leaning, pot smoking lefty who had been attending Rep. Giffords events since 2007. Before there was a Tea Party and before anyone outside of Alaska knew who Sarah Palin was.

Instead of keeping their powder dry, the state-run-media shot their load too soon.  It almost worked. It was such a great plan! Well, the media can't wait for another tragedy to try this tactic again, so the slam the Tea Party campaign must continue!

And who better then Gen. Keith Olbermann to lead the charge!

Olbermann Cherry Picks Poll to Bash Tea Party as Violent Threat to Elected Officials
Keith Olbermann on Monday cherry-picked a new poll to bash the Tea Party as a violent threat to elected officials.

As he discussed new findings in a Daily Kos/Public Policy Polling survey about who thinks violence against the current American government is justified, the "Countdown" host highlighted the Tea Party's number while conveniently ignoring demographic groups that responded at an equal or higher rate
In the on air broadcast Obermann goes onto say:
A new poll taken after the shooting showing only a handful of Americans, 5 percent or 6 percent, calling violence against the current U.S. government justified, but 13 percent of the Tea Party says it is.
And then the author Noel Sheppard points out
That's true, but as Mediaite's Tommy Christopher noted, the highest positive response to this question was 17 percent from folks aged 18-29.
"Other" under race scored at 14 percent while folks making less than $30,000/year pulled 13 percent. Also of note, under party affiliation, "Independent/Other" polled at 10 percent.

Some more interesting numbers from this poll were that Liberals polled at 7 percent, ahead of moderates and conservatives at 6 percent. This means Liberals not only polled higher than the rest of the country, but also higher than conservatives.
Beautiful, just beautiful.

The real irony here is that all this rhetoric took place on Martin Luther King day.  It is ironic because while it is true that Dr. King lead a non-violent effort to bring about justice and civil liberties he was being excoriated by the press for fomenting the violence being perpetrated by Bill Ayers and the Weather Underground, the Black Panthers,and other violent radicals.

Sounds familiar, doesn't it?



  1. What crap! If more people would just turn off the news and listen to some good music, or have sex, or both, things would be a lot more civil. These hate mongers are making good money by stirring the pot. If their ratings go down, they will go down with them, and a the world would be a better place. If someone tries to bring these bastards up in a conversation, just walk away or try to change the subject to something positive. Oh, don't forget to vote. That is your one option.

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