Sunday, January 16, 2011

J Eric Fuller - Violent Lefty Loon

So once again, the left demonstrates it's penchant for violence. Amidst all the calls of curtailing speech, and changing the tone of the rhetoric they have not changed any plays in their playbook. As we knew all along the story line behind the howls on the left is really only intended to be observed by people who oppose them. They on the other hand will continue in their self righteous endeavors of limiting your freedom, redistributing wealth, and stagnating the economy; for your own good of course.

Man Shot in Tucson Rampage Is Arrested at a TV Taping
The man, J. Eric Fuller, 63, a military veteran who supports Ms. Giffords, was involuntarily committed for a 72-hour mental health evaluation, said Jason Ogan, a spokesman for the Pima County sheriff’s office.

The sheriff's office has forwarded charges against Mr. Fuller of threats and intimidation, as well as disorderly conduct, both misdemeanors, to the county attorney's office, Mr. Ogan said.

Mr. Fuller, who was shot in the left knee and back on Jan. 8, was among several victims, medical personnel and others who attended a special forum at St. Odilia Catholic Church hosted by Christiane Amanpour to be televised Sunday on ABC.

State Representative Terri Proud, a Republican, was sitting two rows behind Mr. Fuller. The topic of gun control came up in the forum, she said, and one of the speakers made a comment about a bill introduced recently in Arizona that would allow faculty members on college campuses with concealed weapons permits to carry guns.

Ms. Proud said she spoke up to clarify the bill’s language. Trent Humphries, the founder of the Tucson Tea Party, who was sitting one row behind her, rose to speak and suggested that discussion about gun legislation be postponed until after the funerals. He started to say that he had also been affected by the tragedy because a neighbor was a victim.

At that point, Ms. Proud said, Mr. Fuller blurted out to Mr. Humphries, “You’re dead.”
So clearly it was the Tea Party's fault. Once again inciting people to violence. Only, the violent keep turning out to be those in opposition to the ideals of the Tea Party. Violent opposition!

And if you're thinking "oh man, give the guy a break, he was shot just a few days ago", I would confess to subscribing to that very sentiment. However, this is not the first time.

Mr. Fuller was also involved in a confrontation on Jan. 8, shortly before the attack on Ms. Giffords, which occurred at an event she held for her constituents outside a Safeway supermarket. He said in a long interview last week with The New York Times that he had argued there with a man he described as a former Marine after a heated discussion over politics. Gabriel Zimmerman, an aide to Ms. Giffords, separated the two.

Mr. Zimmerman was killed in the attack later that morning.

Mr. Fuller spoke dismissively of Republicans during the interview. “They appeal to simple-minded rednecks,” he said.
Leading by example in the tenor and tone of civil discourse is not part of the democratic plan.

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