Friday, January 28, 2011

Chomsky is still a Chump!

How does this guy continue to be revered as some type of philosophical guru while speaking complete untruths in front of supposedly learned audiences? I've pointed out before how this guy appears to exist in some opposite upside down world universe.

Chomsky the Chump
And he's still at it!

Noam Chomsky lectures on nation’s problems
"The military budget is half of the deficit," Chomsky said. "The other half is the heavily privatized health care system. We would not have debt and might even have a surplus if we did not have (the health care system)."
I've heard him say this many times, including in the video below, and it is just simply not true, yet none of the brilliant know it all intellectuals call him on it. A little over half of annual spending by the government goes to defense, and what Noam calls health-care which he means medicare, and medicaid. Now, if half of your annual budget goes to health-care and defense, then how are you able to apportion those two line items to 100% of your debt? Unless you are cooking the books, all of your expenditures are proportionally responsible for your overage.
Chomsky also discussed terrorism and the post-Sept. 11 United States.
"Bush said terrorists committed crimes because they hate our freedoms," he said.
Contrary to this statement, Chomsky said that Muslims actually hate our policies, not our freedoms.
Chomsky said United States' policies actually benefit Jihadists.
Wrong again Noam! The Jihadists do hate us for our freedoms. Unless of course by policy you mean policies like educating our women. Policies like not requiring women to wear burkas. Policies like not incarcerating homosexuals. Policies like allowing people to listen to western music.
"The U.S. remains Bin Laden's only ally," he said.
Chomsky discussed the United States' support of dictatorships in Egypt, Tunisia, Georgia, Jordan and Colombia. He said this too falls under the "guiding principle."
Really? Last time I checked Columbia was a real democracy with a real freely elected president. Georgia too!
"The United States has a violent labor history," he said. "The rallying cry of the late 19th-century labor movement was, 'Those who work in mills should own them,'" he said.
Chomsky said this holds significance today, specifically with the automobile industry.
"Obama took over the auto industry, so the government owns it," he said. "The government is closing plants when they could turn them over to the workers and let them run it for profit."
Well, you get partial credit here Noam. The labor movement truly has been violent. Violent thugs who feel they deserve the property of people who took risks and became succesful. It's funny how labor only wants too take ownership of the successful businesses, which is precisely why, Noam, that the workers have not taken over those closed plants you claim they could run.
"Democrats today are what used to be moderate Republicans, and today's Republicans are so deep in the pockets of business, you have to have a magnifying glass to find them," he said.
Oh my god! Who lets him get away with such fantasies? Does he really believe a John F Kennedy, cut taxes and be strong on defense democrat would be tolerated in today's party?  The democratic party has moved so far left that communist principles and leaders are openly praised and adored.
"Social Security is actually in good shape, despite what you read," he said. "The rich want to get rid of Social Security, because it is based on the principles of compassion and solidarity, and (the spread of these principles) could be dangerous for the rich."
No Noam, it's because it's a ponzi scheme, and all ponzi schemes eventually implode. As soon as it's mathmatically impossible to expand the base of the pyramid to pay the few at the top, it collapses.
Students said they gained valuable insights from Chomsky's lecture.
God help us all!



  1. The difference between you and Chomsky is that he extensively references nearly all his claims in print to primary sources, where as your laughable claims are more like often-repeated maxims: easy to repeat, but hard to prove, factually.

  2. Really? Let me know when you dig up his primary source for his claim about resistance to Social Security really being about resistance to compassion.

    Normally my posts do contain links to online sources, but honestly I did not think I was making any statements that weren't common sense or common knowledge.

    If you have a specific question, well then by all means ask away. But I have a sneaky suspicion you are merely making the pseudo-intellectually-superiority pose.