Monday, January 10, 2011

Marc Ash is a Moron.

The leftist wing-nut founder of TruthOut and now Reader Supported News was one of the pseudo-news lefty operatives to come out early and start blaming Sarah Palin for the horrific events in Arizona.

Political Assassination in Arizona
It's time to set the record straight. The reason that Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was shot in the brain, "through and through," was that an individual hated and feared her political objectives enough to commit the cowardly act.
Really? 'hated and feared her political objectives' ? Now there is some journalistic integrity for you. Using the deaths of six people and the horrid assassination attempt of a member of congress to jump to a politically convenient conclusion is an obscenity. All indications are that this was nothing more than a full on Mark David Chapman crazy guy.

But OK. You don't believe in defective humans doing random craziness? You need a political motive? I think they might be on to something over at The Jersey Nut blog.

Cover-up: Gabrielle Giffords targeted for being Jewish?
But what I find interesting is why the media absolutely refuses to raise the question of Congresswoman's Giffford's faith. She is Jewish, the first Jewish congressperson from the state of Arizona. In and of itself that could be coincidental, but being that Jared Loughner lists Mein Kamp as one of his favorite books, well - don't you think it is odd a few alarm bells didn't go off? Imagine if a Muslim in a similar situation were killed by an assassin with pockets full of Tea Party literature - the media would go nuts? But a pioneering Jew killed by a man who professed love for Hitler's classic tome? Strangely, the media is silent.
There you go. The so called progressives who want to bring you a European style welfare state also harbor a little bit of that European antisemitism that rears its ugly head every couple of years. So they won't be talking about that much. It's difficult enough to explain why we have been treating our allies in the the middle east, the Israeli's, the way we have to the American people. Well, it's actually not difficult if we just don't talk about it.

But no, the best defense is a good offense, so Marc Ash goes on to say
When men like John Boehner and women like Sarah Palin tell you that they are shocked and saddened by what has occurred you may well assume that they are indeed. They inspired the rampage, and they are now confronted by what they have wrought.
Yeah ok, we'll just pretend that we've forgotten about the videos of president Bush being hung and burned in effigy. We will pretend to ignore all the evidence that the left (can you say Bill Ayers) has always taken the lead in political violence.

All Patches has to fear, is fear itself!
Manufactured Violence
Lefty Loon Turns Suicide Bomber

Mr Ash ends his little rant with
Let this day go down in history with April 14, 1865, November 22, 1963, April 4, 1968 and June 5, 1968.
What? No Reagan assassination attempt?


  1. Some people just refuse to recognize what's right in front of their face.
    Sorry you're so angry--but I think Marc Ash does a fine job and has the courage to speak out against the bigotry and stupidity that's common-place in this nation.

  2. Intriguingly, by mid-2016, it was glaringly obvious to me (and I was hardly alone) Mr. Ash is anything but a progressive. He is a full-on apologist for neoliberalism and its Deep State masters. First he jumped on the Hillary Clinton bandwagon against the only progressive in the 2016 presidential race, Bernie Sanders. He then turned Reader Supported News into a ceaseless attack dog against Trump and we Sanders supporters who weren't voting for Her Herness, Queen Hillary. Finally, he has made that "news service" into WaPo, the NYT, CNN, MSNBC, and other neoliberal outlets rolled into one central mouthpiece of "Russia, Russia, Russia." He is, to employ a technical term, a "useless douche."