Monday, January 3, 2011

Captain Owen Honors - Leader!

I never cease to be amazed by the politically correct shallows that rear up every now and then.  This latest bunch of crap over Captain Owen Honors possibly losing his job for providing Saturday Night Live like content for his crew is over the top even for the most intolerant leftist fascist.

Did anyone reporting on this story watch the video?

If you watched the video and you were offended, then you really need to get a life. If you watched the video and you think that Captain Owen Honors should be fired from his post then I expect to see you protesting at 30 Rockefeller Center petitioning NBC to pull that oh so offensive TV show "SNL" off the air.

Our military personnel are real people who are living real lives. Like most of us who are normal and have a sense of humor we are able to get over it if we don't get or don't like a joke. What is abnormal is the ridiculous expectation that our military stand at attention and marches with a stiff spine everywhere they go twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.

It's only January 3rd and we have already stumbled onto 2011's most un-newsworthy story of the year.


  1. I support Capt. Honors! This is a damn witch hunt. It did not take long for the complaints to start did it. The militant homosexual agenda has no place in the military.

  2. Captain Owen Honors just wanted his crew to like him as one of the boys. I would go into battle with this man. He did nothing wrong but make people laugh when they were far away from home. The Navy is not a fortune 500 company, are you going to assign a HR agent to a tank crew next. The talking heads just want to make news at his expense. Anyway this man will have a TV job one day, he is very funny.

  3. In support of Captain Owen Honors
    I agree that this is ridiculous. I don't care who you are or where you are, if you are at all human you can respect a little innocent humor. Take the "s" off his last name and that is what he stands for.
    Wake up World.....

  4. What kind of a world do we live in? We teach our children to try and laugh at themselves to find humor in challenges, but that's apparently no longer acceptable because SOMEONE will pay for it! This man has done nothing except serve and protect this country and everyone reading this blog. Until you walk a mile in their shoes, you have no right to judge. That's the problem - everyone seems to believe they have the right to judge others. Leave him alone, reinstate him. I hope the Navy stands up for its own - our own.

  5. Navy MEN have seen a lot worse on t.v. or in the movies. They had a choice to watch or not watch. Here we go with the news media again. We don't need a Navy comprised of a bunch of wusses. That's what the new media is for.