Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Get Ready for the Fiercely All Gay Military (FAGM)

The first official act of rescinding the "Don't ask Don't tell" policy was to relive Captain Owen Honors of his command.  The fiery gay politics that has distracted so many other aspects of our society will now loom large in the military. Here I think the shift and cultural change could be monumental.

Don't get me wrong. This not an anti-gay rant. Gays have rights. They deserve to be treated equal, including some equivalent status as married couples (just don't call it marriage because that would be like deciding to call the sky green instead of blue - but that's a post for another day). And they do deserve to serve in our military.

"Don't ask Don't Tell" merely glossed over what might be considered a logistical problem.

Look at it this way. What if when we decided to let women serve in the military we said "OK ladies you can serve in the military now. Just one thing though. You have to be housed and share showers with the males who serve in the military. What? That's a problem? You feel uncomfortable? Oh get over yourselves. Frankly your not that good looking so I am sure you have nothing to worry about. What? You still feel uncomfortable? What is your major malfunction!?!?  Are you some kind of heterophobic sicko? I mean really!"

I think if we had made it that uncomfortable for women, not many of them would have joined up. I think unless they make the same type of accommodations they made for women (separate housing) or just say tough everybody, suck it up, everyone is being housed together from now on (see "Starship Troopers"), we may see the military culture shift to a point where only gay people will feel comfortable serving.

By not wanting gays to feel uncomfortable everyone else needs to be made uncomfortable.
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