Thursday, February 17, 2011

Civility - An Inconvienient Ruse

And the in your face hypocrisy of the violent left just keeps rolling.  The do anything and say anything to push their agenda crowd will wail and cry about civility one moment and then beat you over the head with a tire iron the next moment if it doesn't look like they will get their way.

After the attempted assassination of Rep Giffords (D-AZ) in Tuscon the left went crazy! They actually blamed Sarah Palin for using cross hairs on a political graphic depicting races for public office which her organization was focusing on to win. This, according to the democratic talking points, created a hostile environment that promotes violence.

Marc Ash is a Moron.
Jared Loughner is a lefty loon.
J Eric Fuller - Violent Lefty Loon
Angry Olbermann - Keeping it Accusatorial

And back when the Tea Party was making headway and gaining support across the nation? My god! You would have thought that female reporters were being gang raped by men wearing tri-corner hats!

All Patches has to fear, is fear itself!
Manufactured Violence
The Code Pink Party Tax Protests

But now in Wisconsin where  Governor Scott Walker is taking some drastic measures to avoid putting his state in extremis, the public unions are going nuts, pulling out the Hitler signs, using cross hairs, and doing everything that upset them so badly during peaceful Tea Party protests. Classic Saul Alinsky! the Saul Alinsky tactic of accusing the other side of the things that you are doing is still a primary tool of the left.

Hypocritical Hypocrites!

But this video sums up the whole upside down world, I can't believe what my eyes are seeing and I can't believe what my ears are hearing, world that we now live in.

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